What is it?

NextGeneration Project is a project specific sustainability assessment. It is based upon the criteria of the NextGeneration Benchmark but contains
12 project specific criteria making it more accessible than the full benchmark and relevant to a singular project. 


NextGeneration Project generates a sustainability award if the pre-qualifying issues and core requirements are met alongside the following thresholds: 

Bronze: 1+ additional criterion met 

Silver: 4+ additional criteria met 

Gold: 7+ additional criteria met 

The criteria are available to download from the link below. 


There are a multitude of benefits to participating in NextGeneration Project, which include but are not limited to: 

Understanding of a developments’ sustainability performance compared to the market 

Clear indicator to increasingly informed customers the sustainability credentials of the development 

Demonstrating their commitment to sustainability to stakeholders, including local authorities, financial institutions, and facilitates early action towards futureproofing and raising industry standards 

A clear indicator for increasingly discerning customers to communicate the sustainability credentials of the development 

Initiates data collection processes for a development that can be duplicated across future developments, facilitating the collection of data that is required for NextGeneration Core 


The initial step for a homebuilder that is interested in participating in the assessment is to familiarise
themselves with the NextGeneration Project criteria and initiate the evidence collection process.