What is it?

NextGeneration Core is an intermediate corporate sustainability benchmark for small to mid-size homebuilders to measure their sustainability against best practice.
 It is based upon the criteria of the NextGeneration Benchmark but contains 14 core criteria making it more accessible than the full benchmark.  


NextGeneration Core generates a sustainability score out of 100%. Each criterion is weighted according to its importance to the market and sustainability impact, with most criteria being positively marked.  

Within the assessment, the detailed guidance explains the exact scoring structure for each criterion. 

The criteria are available to download from the link below: 


There are a multitude of benefits to participating in NextGeneration Core, which include but are not limited to: 

Understanding of their performance compared to the market 

Guidance for achieving best practice 

Meeting with NextGeneration Team to identify optimal next steps to improve performance and futureproof homes 

Networking and knowledge-sharing events, to aid collaboration and create solutions 

Demonstrating their commitment to sustainability to stakeholders, including Government, local authorities and financial institutions  


The initial step for a homebuilder that is interested in participating in the benchmark is to familiarize themselves
with the NextGeneration Core criteria and initiate the evidence collection process.