What is it?

The NextGeneration Benchmark is the annual sustainability benchmark for the UK’s
largest homebuilders. In addition, any smaller UK homebuilders that feature outside
the top 25 but are ambitious and more advanced on their sustainability journey are
welcome to join the NextGeneration Benchmark as members. It is made up of over 60
criteria, across 15 sections, covering the full ESG spectrum. These criteria require
companies to go beyond regulation and achieve industry best practice.

The benchmarking process is outlined below:

Phase 1

Homebuilders are assessed on their publicly
available sustainability information, across the
60+ public criteria of the benchmark, covering
the ESG spectrum. Phase one is weighted as
60% of the overall benchmark.

Phase 2

Members paying an annual subscription provide
their internal sustainability information to be
benchmarked. Phase 2 is weighted as 40%.


Each Member receives a bespoke presentation
of their results, breaking down areas of strength
and where there is room for development.


The full Benchmark results and awards, along
with NextGeneration’s Annual Report, are
released via a Launch Event.




The benchmark criteria are updated on a three-year
cycle to ensure they remain relevant and ambitious,
drive continuous improvement within the
homebuilding sector, address changing best
practice metrics and exceed minimum standards.
The full spectrum of environmental, social and
governance issues are covered, with focus given
both to the sustainability of homebuilders’
operations and the homes they build.

The benchmark criteria are publicly available,
encouraging corporate transparency and supporting
homebuilders to improve their sustainability
performance, while providing a holistic framework
for tackling a wide range of sustainability issues.

Please click on the link below to access the NextGeneration benchmark criteria.


NextGeneration Member companies benefit from:


For homebuilders that would like to
participate, please contact Daniel Jones.