A Transparent Benchmark: the NextGeneration Benchmark criteria have been released

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9 December 2019

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Climate risk, net zero carbon, circular economy, net positive biodiversity – how is your company approaching these key sustainability issues? Are your investors asking about it? The NextGeneration sustainability benchmark for homebuilders can be used as a tool to tackle imperative sustainability issues at the forefront of today’s agenda.

And you are in luck,  this year the NextGeneration Benchmark Criteria was released into the public domain to increase sector transparency  and to support homebuilders to improve their sustainability performance.

To celebrate this important decision, the NextGeneration team hosted the Criteria Release Webinar on Wednesday the 25th of March to explain the key features of the benchmark, highlight best practice case studies and answer any questions.

Developed in collaboration with the industry for over 15 years, NextGeneration works by inspiring companies to report against a wide range of criteria relating to high-quality sustainable homebuilding. The criteria cover 15 focus areas from strategy and governance to environmental performance data to design and placemaking.

In a time when there is substantial impetus within the market to improve company’s sustainability performance, as investors ask more questions and homebuyers demand more, utilising the NextGeneration Benchmark Criteria can help ensure you are aligned to industry best practice.